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Latest votes:
Digon Base - Raw Action  Very fun stuff... rip bro. :(
My Soul Trapped in a WIN98 PC  Well, I think we've finally tapped out as much as we ca...
Bloody Graveyard  nice map, bit dark to begin with but the skelly king fight is awesome
Kill DrewPicklesOgre!  Why pointless shit like this is allowed on /idgames is just beyond me.
Serpent: Resurrection  ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!
Going Down  currently on lvl 17 and its awesome thus far, especially the section in lvl 16
Celestial Site  Sort-of inner spaceship / plant / tech mine map. Shown technical skills: 4*. Map layo...
OK Corral  A small brown city for you to explore, relatively low but not ugly detail. Kind of boring with ...

Latest files: (more)
Don't Be A Bitch Last Man Standing 3 - Argentum, Com...
32 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing
Hell's Ambiance - Mr. Chris
Hell's Ambiance is a compilation of unnerving ambient tracks to give Doom that extra spooky atmosphere if you are tired of the PSX Doom or Doom 64 track set. It features 18 tracks from Kevin MacLeod's royalty free set wh...
Celestial Site - D.Scratch
My map for the Realm667's DooMJA-VU Competition =)
Hacx Scene - Vermont, or "LittleInferno" on Doomworld.
This is pretty much a testing level to see what I could do with Hacx resources and I think it came out sort of funny. Be warned that this may be chock full O' misaligned textures.
Favillesco Alpha Episode 2: Desecration on Thebe - Nicolas Monti
Another alpha episode for the favillesco series this one is set on Thebe, another moon of Jupiter and runs on E3. This one uses the same texture resources as Amalthea's Apostasy except for a different sky. Several flats ar...
Plate - 2 micro levels - Gunsmith
I tried to make a few medium-sized maps but I was quickly tired of it and upload what it has turned. This is 2 very small maps. I am sure that you will not like this wad, but I forced to upload it, because I don't want to ...
Hospital of Horrors - DukeNukem4ever
It was another demonic outbreak. Many cities had fallen. Forces of hell had wiped out 50% of population of the USA. There is a hospital located on the Grimes Street. When the invasion started, many scientists began studyin...
Blue Waffle - savagegrant
Caco sprite replacement. Load up E3M1 and enjoy!
Kill DrewPicklesOgre! - Nambona890
Kill the person in charge of [GE], DrewPicklesOgre!
Alive - Memfis
Short map, enter a castle located in a, like, late autumn setting.
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