Title: ** LOSTTOMB ** (The Discovery) v. 1.2
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/12lost2.zip
Size: 903 KB
Date: 05/06/13
Author: Barry L. Levitz aka Sinbad
E-mail: blevitz@aol.com
Description: Once again using my patented secret doom-building recipez from hEll...
Credits: **Doom Construction Kit 2.2** , **Waded 1.83b**, Wintex 4.1, Rmb 2.1, Zennode 0.89a, and God &
Base: New episode from scratch
Build time: To many hours to list plus playtesting
Editor(s) used: ** DOOM CONSTRUCTION KIT v2.2 ** ** WADED v183.b ** ** WINTEX v4.1 ** ** RMB v2.1 ** **ZENNODE v089.a** ** DMGRAPH v1.1 **
Bugs: None that I am aware of and I hope you do not find any as it took to many fuckin hours to check this damn thing! This is theoretically only possible in multi-player. A few times we had inconsistency failures! If you do, set it for -nomonsters..
Rating: (6 votes)
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The mapping is a 1995 style. Boxy rooms with adequate detail. There are no bugs that I saw. The sounds were not needed as they are way too annoying. Overall, this wad looks like it was made in the 95' area. 3/5.x
This map is dated 3/28/96. It consists of square/rectangular rooms with varying themes and amounts of detail. It has annoying sound effects; if you kill a Baron of Hell, he sings. Not worth playing, especially today.x
Every bit as bad as 1994/95 WADs are often said to be. What the hell were people thinking? Unless you enjoy crappy wads, 1/5 for the effort. - ZZx
Bad design, bad sound effects. Looks imho more like an experiment than a serious level. 1/5 - R1Dx
The only notable things about this highly linear map of unknown size are the TERRIBLE sound effects and The Terminator music. Almost unplayable but I persevered until I rage-quit during some kind of jumping puzzle that involved repeatedly falling into nukeage from a rising platform. There are only so many times I can bear to hear "Aah that hurts".x

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