Filename: levels/doom/d-f/drdeath1.zip
Size: 73 KB
Date: 01/25/05
Author: Dr. Death of The X Organization (XoRg)
E-mail: funduke@hotmail.com
Description: Half-Baked Meaningless Babble: Ok folks, here it is, the long awaited (haha) DRDEATH1 patch wad for your killing pleasure. I enjoy DOOM wads with a space station motif, but I don't exactly enjoy running around trying to solve all kinds of puzzles. There are a few things to figure out in DRDEATH1 but nothing extreme. This is a level designed with killing in mind. Getting trapped in a little room with 4 barons of hell sucks, so you won't find anything harder to kill than a cacodemon. I prefer getting in shotgun fights with the sergeants and being overrun by the little bastards, so thats what I have created. Lots of former humans, sergeants, and imps with a few demons and cacodemons thrown in. I also indulge in two more of my favorite scenarios: big rooms and dodging fireballs. You'll see. This is a good size level with 500 something enemies so I recommend a pretty speedy 'puter.

Worthless Statistics: Things: 534 Vertexes: 1382 Linedefs: 1352 Sidedefs: 2048 Sectors: 238 Platforms: 23 Why am I telling you this?
Credits: Bizzbum Sheethead - for getting me my editors and being cool in general. Necromatic (XoRg) - for being groovy and having faith in my level making abilities. Hope ya like it. Maldorer - for being cool enuff to have a good DOOM file section. ID - guess! Hinge Syaxx - Where the hell are ya? Gwar - for all those special moments in my life.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: This level took me a real long time (70+hrs) to make (editor learning curve, editor crashes more times than the Italian Air Force Demonstration Team, umm, that week I spent in a coma).
Editor(s) used: Dr. Death uses DoomEd 2.50 beta 4 (Its buggy but it works! ) Waded 1.17 (fun little program) Depends Undergarments (for the times I shit in my pants) and lysergic acid (makes me shit in my pants) Dr. Death refuses to use: Any form of Deu. Buy a real nodebuilder, Deu-Boy!
Bugs: I haven't found any bugs in it, nor any HOM effectz (that wuz a bitch)
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This mpa is honestly not worth all the hype dr.death has given it. Lacks in detail and gameplay, plus is not very challenging. 1 star - Kirbyx
This wad isn't great by modern standards, but if you put it in its time period you see its actually pretty good. The gameplay is just a fun blast-fest, with no real danger of death. Plus, it looks like the author actually had fun making this.x

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