Title: Elfstomp!
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/elfstomp.zip
Size: 125 KB
Date: 02/18/99
Author: Steve Duff
E-mail: steveduff@earthlink.net
Base: New Level from scratch
Build time: I shudder to think..........
Editor(s) used: Hellmaker v. 1.0.4, v. 1.1.1 and v. 1.2b2 (maps) Deimos 0.4b1 (graphics)
Bugs: None
Rating: (6 votes)
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A nicely relaxing oldie. Not terribly pretty, but not ugly either. Nice map design and the gameplay isn't so bad either. A good way to spend some dead time. *** -sargebaldyx
Although this map starts out looking kind of bland the maps quality and design picks up fast. Very good usage of monsters with one area where the shotgunners have the illusion of rising out of the blood. Very good architecture and a very good challenge even on HMP. This is one map that owners of ultimate doom should definately play, Highly Recommended 5/5. P.S if you have Doom 2 also try Disraeli (id=10214) by the same author that I also reviewed.x
Lightning Hunter
A legendary map for sure! Maps made today are more detailed of course, but this one has so many other redeeming factors. it was challenging, had good monster and weapon progression, contained a unique theme, and had almost flawless texture alignment (something rarely seen in old maps). The architecture was great for its time. Definitely recommended.x
Good stuff, 2 bad it's just 1 e1m3. I had to transverse back 2 back just to keep off the monsters from stabbing me in the back. There are times when I died. It's real patrol shit going on here! ~4/5x

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