Title: Phobos Outpost
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pho_outp.zip
Size: 441 KB
Date: 04/25/04
Author: Ralf Wueltener
E-mail: BadJoke@web.de
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (9 votes)
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Good, but couldn't maintain my interest. Plus there's a lot of misalignments. The second episode of this set is a lot better IMO. *** -sargebaldyx
i really like this wad. Yes there are some texture misalignments, but the levels are pretty fresh and still are a great tribute to Episode 1. I especially like the very dark level and the level where the floor turns to nukeage. -Mariusx
Average architecture, but quite fun (especially for Doom 1 fans). Architecture - 3/5 Gameplay - 4.5/5 Overall 4/5x
Its okayx
Good set of classic style maps.x
This is dated 2004 but I wonder was most of it really made in 1998 (as its counterpart id=12536 has a wad file from that year)? I actually think the latter is better than this so if that is not the case the authors' skill seems to have regressed over the 6-year time frame, or just isn't as good with E1 style layouts. Again there was an inexplicable name-change to Planet Phobos in 2009, but I can find no edits. These 2 episodes aren't bad but they really shouldn't be on here twice.x

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