Title: 10-Level Wad (10levels.zip)
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/10level.zip
Size: 440 KB
Date: 12/08/95
Author: Bill Ostrander
E-mail: dc3@mind.net
Description: A 10-level DOOM II adventure with new original music. 10 original levels. (Version 1.01) Wind your way through tunnels and buildings with each level increasing in difficulty. There are puzzles to solve and mazes to follow. Levels 8 & 9 are designed after an actual building. Be careful - as you gain experiance, the medkits and ammo start to get scarce!
Credits: Frank Zappa and They Might Be Giants for the entertainment while working on this. ..And of course: id
Base: New levels from scratch and commdoom/ billdoom.wad
Build time: Weeks and weeks
Editor(s) used: DCK, MUSTOOL, MIDI2MUS
Bugs: None yet...
Rating: (16 votes)
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Pretty good. There are some fun maps in here.x
There weren't enough decorations, and the walls all looked the same in a lot of parts. The music was kind of depressing and it didn't flow with the level(s) at all. I played up to the third level then quit it got so boring. Also: needs A LOT MORE LIGHTING. I HATE DARK ASS LEVELS. I like bright levels where I can see everything in front of me. Like in the REAL DOOM and DOOM II. In level 3 there was a long hallway that was so dark I couldn't see my pistol.x
This is the only file in the archive that mentions Frank Zappa. Map01 pissed me off in the first room, so I skipped to Map08, which is a barely competent office-type level. Map10 is a decent (although very 1995, i.e. jagged and ugly) large surreal outdoors map. There's a clever/weird dark room with a giant lift and some spiders. It's crap but nostalgic. The earlier levels are basically dross, dark mazes or hand-drawn Etch-a-Sketch nightmares.x
Pathetic levels - even for 1995, but I will award a couple of points for crediting Zappa - THE finest composer the universe will ever know.x
barely playable trash. **x
iv checked the levels none of em have bugs but i dont really like them 2/5x

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