Title: The 5th Door
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/5thdoor.zip
Size: 13 KB
Date: 06/19/95
Author: Mike Howell
E-mail: mhowell@dns.genesis.net
Description: .....
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: ...., None found.
Rating: (5 votes)
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Meh. Let's cloak it in history. 0.5/5 -Milianx
A large empty courtyard with some flashing cave-like tunnels that wind around and you pick up the keys and the end boss is a mancubus. 27 monsters, mostly shotgun men, imps and spectres, no difficulty settings. The fifth door is a secret door that has a chaingun behind it. And a rocket, although the level doesn't have a rocket launcher! This level is not early enough to have an in-built excuse for being bad. The first thing you see is a texture mistake.x
I liked itx

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