Title: Bananas
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bananas.zip
Size: 348 KB
Date: 10/03/04
Author: Tafoole
E-mail: tafoole@saintly.com
Description: Nuts inspired gameplay. If you don't like that then just look at some of the stuff I did in it.(see below).
Credits: b.p.r.d. -nuts (where this draws inspiration) Doug the Eagle -blessed(the weird Cyberdemon fires blessed rockets, and the upgraded rocket launcher attack is based off of blessed imps) Fanantic -qdoom (for introducing me to edge, and I learned some ddf stuff from it.) zdoom monster resource wad(the person who made the slow flamethrower cacolich) -the cacolich joel huenick -the commando controlled arachnotron is based off of the arachnotron mounted commando id software -doom and such the EDGE team
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Longer than it should have been(over 6 weeks)
Editor(s) used: doombuilder
Bugs: the water hue has a tendency to break
Rating: (4 votes)
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im afraid these bananas have gone stail.. 15x
i like grapes betur but u no 5/5x
Nuts-inspired gameplay, ripping off Allhell.wad's two-headed chaingunner riding an arachnotron, and bastardizing the blessed engine so the cyberdemon fires bfg blasts. I decided to play it anyway and I was actually pretty surprised. IT WAS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.x

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