Title: Cold As Hell (patch 2)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/cah_p2.zip
Size: 6 KB
Date: 11/21/04
Author: Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)
E-mail: graylancer@sprintpcs.com
Description: If you've got a slow machine, this will get rid of all trees in the game,
Credits: All the people on Wads In Progress who helped pin down the speed issues.
Base: Modified Cold As Hell levels.
Build time: N/a.
Editor(s) used: Zeth, Doom Builder
Bugs: May still be speed issues on slower computers.

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Makes Cold As Hell so much more play- and enjoyable!x
Essential, if you have anything less than intel fuckingpowertium or amd speethlon xp+ and want to normally play Cold as hell. Makes outdoor battles (and sightseeing) less interesting but it's mandatory. -- Brun Ohnx
It helps make the game a lot faster. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with my saved game that didn't have the patch before. x
"Why not just upload a new version of the wad instead of releasing patches?" Because patches are more convieniant, especially for slow connections.x
you are quite jesusly, good sir! 5starsx
Thank goodness *****x

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