Title: Max_Speed's Overkill
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/msok.zip
Size: 343 KB
Date: 12/30/00
Author: Sami Mäki-Mantila (Max_Speed)
E-mail: max55@mbnet.fi
Description: 3 detailed maps, enough ammo and too many monsters.

Updated versions of my old wads.

You have been sent to investigate mountain area. There is old abandoned army base, which has been closed for 14 years. Lately people have reported hearing odd sounds and seeing blue lights appering out of the mountain. UAC scans also indicates possible long range teleporting devices has been activated in the base.
Credits: id Software, Doom players
Base: My old wads.
Build time: a lot...
Editor(s) used: Windeu 5.24, DETH, Zennode 1.0.3
Bugs: Levels weren't Zdoom compatible at first and so i had to make few compromises because of zdoom compability, skull keys in first level, nukage doesn't allways hurt in third level...

Also Legacy doesn't render all walls translucent (ones which scrolls horisontally).
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Awesome, dark greenish action packed maps!x
the levels are okx
Worth downloading and playing at least once. 5/25/07x
Three solid maps dated December 2000. They have a simple, retro design on a larger scale than usual, i.e. you feel like an ant in giant corridors. Map01 is a good prelude, Map02 starts off very old-fashioned - it has a maze of computer banks, even a jail - but picks up, Map03 has a surprisingly obvious design flaw whereby you can circumvent most of the level (if you're lucky). Overall it's easy as cake, but entertaining.x

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