Title: Community Is Falling 3
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/cif3.zip
Size: 46608 KB
Date: 03/09/08
Author: Samuel Villarreal (svkaiser@gmail.com)
E-mail: svkaiser@gmail.com
Description: Community is Falling 3 is the third sequal to the 'Community Is Falling' series, which are jokewads based on the drama and comedy inside the Doom community. Lots of inside jokes are involved so those who are outside the community will probably not understand most of whats going on. Unlike the previous two jokewads, this one is a full fledged 36 - level megawad/TC that abuses as much Zdoom features as possible. The design of this jokewad is not like that of Mock2, or DoTims, rather than targeting a more serious design approach, followed by a not-so serious storyline.

First I would like to say that I hate the Zdoom source port and I am not going to be working with this port ever again.
Credits: Agent Spork, Scuba, Deathz0r, Tom_D, and all the fags at #zdoom, #jetsons, and #dmclub
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 Years (July 2005 - March 2008)
Editor(s) used: Deepsea - Levels, Implentation, Hexplorer - Po'Ed Sprites, KSSC / KSSC 2 / KSSC 3 - Dialog Scripts, Mimviewer - Po'Ed Sprites, Photoshop - Sprites, Textures, Visual C++ 6.0 - Managing ACS files, custom tools, StrMake - Dialog generation, EPSXE - Running Po'Ed, PSound - Po'Ed sounds, TimViewer - Po'Ed Weapons, WorldEdit - Final Boss sprites, ModTracker - Music Editing, FileZilla - Uploading leaked Kdizd files
Bugs: Timeline'ed jokes are Timeline'ed :(
Rating: (127 votes)
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