Title: Blank
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blank.zip
Size: 8834 KB
Date: 03/10/07
Author: Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens
E-mail: ithenutcracker@yahoo.com
Description: A short wad with no real reason for being built.
Credits: You know who you are.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder, Slumped, Zennode.
Bugs: Slight polyobj glitches
Rating: (5 votes)
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First of all, this should be in "ports", as it's a scripted ZDoom level with slopes and an mp3 soundtrack. Secondly, the level doesn't seem completable because of a missing blue key, which prevents getting the red key and so on. This level seems more like an exercise in scripts and various Doom and ZDoom tricks, than anything. Don't waste your time. 2/5 -Maesx
6MB has alredy been used as useless MP3's. But yet, tons of ripoffs, annoying cramped rooms, killing a hammer hound with only ssg is kinda hard, and you didn't credit cutman for the portal gun. Still it's an improvment since your core.wad, but you got a pretty long way there. 2/5 -Motix
What kind of title is "blank"? Why not instead name your wad "empty"?x
Meh. Okay it was playable, I got through it, but it wasn't really good. Looked incomplete with varying quality over the level (some looks like '95 and some zdoom scripting on the other side). Balancing wasn't so good either and yes, the level might've been a few kilobytes while esp. the music (and some gfx) took lots of space.x
Ahh, don't listen to these guys. It's not the worst wad, IT'S THE BEST WAD I'VE PLAYED! I may learn some things abou that wad. 55 -Omegalorex

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