Title: Blastem2
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blastem2.zip
Size: 181 KB
Date: 10/14/00
Author: Russell DD Pearson
E-mail: rddp@duellist.net
Description: Frantic level with loads of running and shooting required!
Credits: Russell J. Lauzon for inspiration
Base: New from scratch / Modified (name of original file)
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (11 votes)
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A classic. Lots of rock-'em-sock-'em monster action. We all love the elaborate TCs and the megawads that took an insane number of volunteer man-hours to produce, but this is exactly the kind of stuff that hooked us all on Doom in the first place.x
As said, this is a classic. Lots of action, pretty to look at, and very non-linear with some innovative design and features. Funny how such a remarkable level was based off another that was so... ugly. D: Highly recommended, one of my favorite wads! ***** -EarthQuakex
Good design, good gameplay, hard. So 5/5x
This is great. I'm sure I remember playing this ages ago :) So auto 5 from me.x
This is really nice, but unfortunately, 20 monsters failed to teleport in for me, including the cybie. :/x
Nice, maybe those monsters only teleport if you grap the megasphere on the stage, coldfusiox
Boring... -Ofisilx

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