Title: odyssey2.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/odyssey2.zip
Size: 492 KB
Date: 04/07/96
E-mail: ecannon@freenet.fsu.edu
Credits: DRSLEEP for guidance...and coolness
Build time:
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Not to be confused with a 1995 wad with the same name. This wad has a ton of detail for its time, and the gameplay is alright. It starts off with a dull, narrow cave, but it keeps getting better until you reach the final map, a spaceship with interesting effects. The only problems are that there's barely any health on UV and some of the close-range Baron fights are tedious (especially in MAP03) 4/5x
Cool '96 mapsx
Beautiful themed levels, way ahead of their time. Or behind it, depending on which level you're on. You'll understand that last sentence if you play the wad. Which you definitely should. Also, if you have Unreal Tournament, compare CTF-November with map04 of Odyssey.wad.x
This guy made the legendary Bluff Eversmoking! http://liandri.beyon dunreal.com/Myscha_t he_Sled_Dog (delete spaces). You *know* you want to play this.x

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