Title: Polution
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/polution.zip
Size: 610 KB
Date: 02/06/99
Author: Steven McGranahan and Jesse Douglas
E-mail: pfhar@owc.net
Description: This is a 9 level Addon for DOOM2 that takes place just outside Calafornia. There has been A demon portal opened, and all hell is braking loose. There is radio-active waste spilling all over the area and soon the DEMON pleuge will spread to the rest of the country! It's up to you to stop it!
Credits: ME! and JESSE! And GamePaks.com for hiring me. www.gamepaks.com It kicks ass!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Many, Many long monthes, almost a year.
Editor(s) used: DeHackEd, WinTex, DETH
Bugs: Nothing! Works with everything now!
Rating: (5 votes)
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avoid this as if it was that fat annoying kid that goes to your school that always wants to show you his yu-gi-oh card collection these are just a bunch of old cruddy looking maps with lo, to repetitive game play -shadow 1/5 x
Don't pay attention to the previous comment, it's a quite interesting little wad with some unique and cool stuff. Which means it's not average. Not great but decent and enjoyable. /Kristusx
The maps aren't that great, but the dehacked work is really neat. I like the blood splatters and the new shotgun guy sprites. That Mancugun is pretty interesting.x
The maps are a bit on the plain side, although a few stand out (partially due to some dehacked effects). The teleport mazes are inexcusable. Other than the dehacked stuff there is very little to get excited about.x

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