Title: Ropy
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/ropy.zip
Size: 114 KB
Date: 02/07/04
Author: Tobias Forsberg
E-mail: quido.666@musiker.nu
Description: A singelplayer map.
Credits: * id for the greatest game of all time * Ola Bjorling (with two funky dots over the o in bjorling) who teached me about DOOM. And some help with the memory in my computer. Thanks alot * Lars Ljung for making me look good in DM. * Jeff Rabenhorst for EdMap. * Freddie Runkeklut for not existing. * Nicklas Linnes for some ideas and map layout. * Fredrik Lindh for ideas and company.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About a month, maybe 5
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (10 votes)
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Excellent level design, creativity oozes out of this map, but theres next to no health - shitbagx
I love this map, one of the better bricks and metal maps I've played, same goes for RopyIIx
Interesting, and it certainly looks nice, but I don't like puzzle maps.x
A very well thought-out, tight, brown brick level with a high standard of detailing. Will have you edging slowly around every corner in search of traps; and traps there are. Good gameplay and clever secrets which don't imbalance the game. Alot of the enemies can be dodged easily, and some of the shooting switches are not very obvious so you'll be walking around alone at least once. Texture misalignments stand out only because the level is of such high quality. Overall great. 4/5x
Where in the Hell is the yellow key?x
cool mapx

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