Title: Heretic Chiptunes
Filename: music/chiphtic.zip
Size: 33186 KB
Date: 06/05/09
Author: Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
E-mail: daimon.italia983@gmail.com
Description: heretic original tunes remastered in chiptune style. File are god damn huge but it's ok, i guess.
Credits: ID, for the fancy game! My family Raven, for the tunes and the fancy game, too! GASHYSOFT Japan for the wonderful program GXSCC other people i forgot to mention
Base: New from Scratch
Build time: a pair of hours, more than less
Editor(s) used: Wintex 4.3, SGSCC beta 236E, Slumped, hawt
Bugs: none, i guess.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Really interesting! It would be nice to port this kind of music to PC Internal Speaker, but I think it's impossible...x
Not very impressive at all. Just the MIDIs rendered by GXSCC. Not true chiptunes. (And no text file inside the ZIP.)x

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