Title: Doom II Enhanced Music: Volume III
Filename: music/dm2mus3.zip
Size: 185 KB
Date: 01/21/96
Author: Andrew Prosnik
E-mail: superproz@aol.com
Description: Tired of hearing the same old music? Hate the low-quality music WADs? Want music WADs that contain all kinds of music fitted to each level instead of one style of music thrown into the game without regard for the level's "personality?" The Enhanced Music WADs are for you! These WAD files are split into 3 different files so that you can load whichever WAD file contains the songs that you like the most.

This WAD contains new background songs for Doom II. This can only be used with DOOM II. Not only is the level music replaced, but the intro music, intermission music, and tally screen music is replaced also.
Credits: All the authors of the music I used... ID
Base: N/A
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 5.2, WinTEX, NWT
Bugs: If you find any, please let me know.
Rating: (5 votes)
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This is fairy fukin' shit! DOOM isn't for pussies! DOOM is for people who will vomit their soul just to get music that barely describes their rage!x
Another crappy music WAD by Andrew that has no redeeming qualities. 0/5 -Mr. Chrisx
Reading the description, you must be a progressional lier. o/ox
All you guys are fucking stupid 5/5x
I was going to rate this a 1, but I'm rounding it to 0 just for the above comment.x

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