Title: Splitdoor for DOOM2.exe
Filename: prefabs/fendoor.zip
Size: 3 KB
Date: 01/30/03
Author: Lee Szymanski
E-mail: Lee_szymanski@hotmail.com
Description: A door which opens in two halves, one half opening towards the ceiling the other to the floor. Both halfs appear solid with no visible split-line between the sections. Usefull for DOOM.exe/DOOM2.exe compatible maps but redundant for most ports.
Credits: id for DOOM.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: around an hour to get it looking right
Editor(s) used: DeepSea 11.66
Bugs: Might look bad in opengl/D3D ports, looked ok in jDOOM (which fixes some DOOM2.exe tricks). The door opens and stays open.
Rating: (15 votes)
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Bof a part une nouvelle fašon d'ouvrir la porte tu perd ton temps. Aurais fallu un tableau au moin. - 1/5 - Eye'sx
I've Done this before and it's quite cool but not 'astonishing'.x
Great trick for the real game, as it's not one of those that work badly under certain circumstances (such as the 3D bridge). Very useful demo, thanks. [4/5] ~Chain Mail.x
looks cool, i've moddified it and used with scripting to make it open and close whenever I want, it wasn't hardx

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