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Latest votes:
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 9
WIREFRAME DOOM  Cool! Different color for the skies would be nice.
2002 A DOOM ODYSSEY (V2)  One of my favourite vanilla wads ever. Great balanced gameplay an...
Doom 2 In Name Only  Some of the maps are bad but most of the maps are fun to play. I would reco...
Joe's FUCKIN MEGA BFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and supre shotgun to  "It...
Masters of Chaos v 1.1 for Heretic
Snapshot  Fun map, more of this kind of tyson would be cool :D
Fernito's Phobos base (silly name, I know, but I haven't thoug...
Exitway v1.2  Fast-paced but annoying at times.

Latest files: (more)
Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 9 - Obsidian Gift...
7 maps made during the ninth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 concepts to choose from: - Fortress on ...
Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition - Combinebobnt ...
The sequel to Superfast DUEL Speedmaps. A wad that was the result of a speed-mapping compilation on the Zandronum Forums in the late summer and early autumn of 2013. As the title suggests, this map pack is made with deathm...
Exitway v1.2 - Tuxlar
A vanilla map to further practice at my mapping style. Gameplay was the priority, but expect a few... surprises. ;)
Progress - Henrik Heino
Somewhat challenging dark indoor map.
Castle Courtyard - GwenvaŽl Le Bihan (subject_119)
A map I made for wrack a while ago, I ported it to Doom removing the real 3d parts.
Arachnides - jameson2_fr
one level for zdoom gzdoom very hard very dark many secrets
GruDM - grugly
This is an accumulation of deathmatch levels I have made. There is no set theme. Some are parts of coop levels in progress, some are just spaces I created for the purpose. A Duel - Duel map shaped like an A with a bridge...
BREEZE, BRAVADO & a revised 1.2 vs. of BRAVE - Brad Kiefer
All 3 levels are extremely big - (Breeze is 270k Bravado is 219k and Brave is 294k) Should have a DX2-66 with 8 mb ram to run properly. Brave was released previously at over 330k but I pared it down to 290k by reducing hal...
Bricky - Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)
That's a map I made in 2013, not sure about when, I think it was in august, only my brother and darkwave played this map
Secure Uranus 2 - John A Warren
Ever wanted to climb the wall in a Doom pwad? Well you have to do in this one to get the 'protective clothing', also, watch out for the window illusion, now you see it, now you don't. My sequel to Secure Uranus for Doom ...
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