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The Book of id
High-quality scans of 'The Book of id', a scrapbook included with the id Anthology, released in 1996....Date:11/12/11
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Author:id Software (uploaded by convex)
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The Doom Help Service (DHS) Help Files Archive
This file contains a description of the various help files contained in the Doom Help Service Archive (namely, the file For detailed information about the DHS and the various rec-based USENET newsgroups dedicated to Doom, Doom II and ...Date:03/15/95
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Author:Ian C. R. Mapleson BSc.
Size:20 KB

Doom: The Next Chapter, Second Edition.
60 years after Doom2, UAC tries it again... Roleplay in the Doom universe. This version has moved out of draft status and is a ful Second Edition. Included in the file is a Visual Basic Script for generating a character. Requires the Scripting Runt...Date:07/09/01
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Author:Richard D. Clark
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The Maximum Doom Reference v. 1.0
This is a is a list of the files from the Maximum Doom Collection, that came with the Master Levels for Doom II -CD. The goal is to provide title, author, play info, trivia and, if necessary, technical hints about each wad on the CD-ROM and to give d...Date:05/12/08
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The Martian Moon "Phobos"
DOOM Trivia! What the heck is a "Phobos" anyway? The Martian moon "Phobos" photographed by the Viking probe, July 20, 1976, and available on the Media Clips(tm) CD-ROM, (c)Copyright Aris Entertainment, Inc., 1991-1992. 640x480 JPG format image....Date:12/04/05
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ZDoom menu demo
This is just a small level in which I tested the menu system I made for ZDoom, for conversations or computer systems or shops or any other usage you can think of....Date:04/05/04
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WadAuthor User Manual
This is a PDF and Word 2000 version of the WadAuthor help file....Date:02/21/01
Size:219 KB
Author:Williston Consulting, Editor: Richard D. Clark

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