ddbin064.zip  Filename:ddbin064.zip
Size:561 KB

ddsrc064.zip  Filename:ddsrc064.zip
Size:863 KB

dmset08.zip  Filename:dmset08.zip
Size:132 KB

doom3d116.zip  Filename:doom3d116.zip
Size:470 KB

doom3dsrc116.zip  Filename:doom3dsrc116.zip
Size:557 KB

doomce.zip  Filename:doomce.zip
Size:427 KB

doomlegacy1_bin.zip  Filename:doomlegacy1_bin.zip
Size:485 KB

doomlegacy1_src.zip  Filename:doomlegacy1_src.zip
Size:516 KB

Doom source code, under the GNU GPL  Filename:doomsrc.zip
This is a copy of the source code for DOOM's executable, v1.10 (public release version). This source code was initially released under the DOOM license in 1997, but then dual licensed (DOOM/GPL) in 1997 to encourage transparency in the development of...Date:09/05/06
Size:369 KB
Author:id Software

dosdoom.zip  Filename:dosdoom.zip
Size:202 KB

MP3 Made Easy!  Filename:dosdoom_mp3.zip
MP3 music referece WAD, used for DOOM2 and DOS DOOM only NOTE: there are no MP3's in this package (see below)...Date:05/29/99
Size:4 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

EDGE v1.27 - Win32 (Win9x/ME/2000/XP) Version  Filename:edge-1.27-win32.zip
Spawned from the Doom Engine, EDGE advances into the future with easy development and expansion as a cornerstone, making use of advancing technology on multiple platforms....Date:03/25/02
Size:1067 KB
Author:The EDGE Team

EDGE DDFs V3.7  Filename:edge-ddf-3.7.zip
These files are the default configuration files for EDGE which allow it to support Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. These are providd for reference to anyone developing games for EDGE....Date:03/25/02
Size:72 KB
Author:The EDGE Team

EDGE WAD for V1.27  Filename:edge-wad-2.5.zip
Required engine data file for EDGE V1.27. This is needed for developers in addition to the source code....Date:03/25/02
Size:206 KB
Author:The EDGE Team

edge32-l2.zip  Filename:edge32-l2.zip
Size:405 KB

Eternity Engine v3.31.10 Documentation  Filename:ee33110d.zip
This is documentation for v3.31.10 of the Eternity Engine. Most documentation is in HTML format and can be viewed in your favorite web browser. The Eternity Engine and its source code should be available at the same location you found this archive....Date:01/19/05
Size:262 KB
Author:Team Eternity

Eternity Engine v3.31.10 Source Code  Filename:ee33110s.zip
Size:1117 KB
Author:Team Eternity

ee33110w.zip  Filename:ee33110w.zip
Size:1127 KB

FraggleScript standalone source code  Filename:fscript.zip
This is the original FraggleScript source that I found on my hard drive. I originally developed it separately; it was later integrated into SMMU. This may be useful to anyone who wants a standalone version of FraggleScript. Various features found i...Date:04/07/07
Size:36 KB
Author:Simon Howard

gledge32-l2.zip  Filename:gledge32-l2.zip
Size:424 KB

legacy120.zip  Filename:legacy120.zip
Size:754 KB

mbf.zip  Filename:mbf.zip
Size:1616 KB

mbfsrc.zip  Filename:mbfsrc.zip
Size:2206 KB

prblnch.zip  Filename:prblnch.zip
Size:147 KB

RORDoom  Filename:rordoom.zip
This was one of the first Doom source ports to feature...Date:06/06/05
Size:445 KB
Author:Julian Hope made this thing, I'm just merely uploading it

SvStrife 1.4  Filename:svstr14b.zip
After the release of Doom's source code in 1998, the source code of Strife was meant to be released as well but it never happened. The source code eventually got lost. Since Strife was originally designed for DOS, Strife wasn't very compatible on Wi...Date:01/27/06
Size:1182 KB

svstr14s.zip  Filename:svstr14s.zip
Size:1775 KB

windmb96a.zip  Filename:windmb96a.zip
Size:220 KB

windms96a.zip  Filename:windms96a.zip
Size:472 KB

WinMBF v2.03 Build 2  Filename:winmbf02.zip
Size:1542 KB
Author:Team Eternity

WinMBF v2.03 Build 2  Filename:winmbf02s.zip
Size:826 KB
Author:Team Eternity

zdaemon_096bin.zip  Filename:zdaemon_096bin.zip
Size:2978 KB

ZDoom Technical Reference HTML Format  Filename:zdhtech.zip
I offer this version of the Tech pages for a couple reasons. One, since my page got axed I wanted to be sure you all had access to this. Two, many people can't use the help format....Date:06/01/00
Size:3840 KB
Author:Rick Clark

zdoom116-src.zip  Filename:zdoom116-src.zip
Size:798 KB

zdoom116.zip  Filename:zdoom116.zip
Size:437 KB

zdoomedt.zip  Filename:zdoomedt.zip
Size:305 KB

ZDoom Knowledge Base Compiled Help Format  Filename:zkbchm.zip
This is a set of tutorials for the ZDoom engine. Features full text search of all tutorials....Date:04/29/01
Size:4079 KB
Author:Richard Clark

ZDoom Knowledge Base HTML Format  Filename:zkbhtml.zip
This is a set of tutorials for the ZDoom engine....Date:04/29/01
Size:4153 KB
Author:Richard Clark

Sample Files for ZDoom Knowledge Base  Filename:zkbmaps.zip
Size:322 KB
Author:Richard Clark

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