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Barney Version 2.1
I really didn't make many changes. I just added some commands to the .bat files. It now unzips all the Barney gifs in a dir called barn. It also deletes all files at end of execution so it won't leave stray files in your doom directory! (like...Date:07/13/94
Size:230 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Barney Doom 3D version 2.0!
This is just a klutz patch for the above wonderful addition to DOOM. Three of the GIF files were bad so I just copied the non-haloed (sp?) version to that file name so it would run. Will work til the actual author gets his fix uploaded. I love it!...Date:06/04/94
Size:228 KB
Author:Mike Farquhar

Barney DOOM!
This will change the pink Demons in DOOM to Barney! Ray Traced Barneys...Date:11/13/04
Size:81 KB
Author:Jody Melanson

Here's a variation off of David Lobser's 3-D Barney add-on. I corrected color fading of his original Barney (althoug I think he already did that in 2.0) and modified the graphics to make his walk a charming waddle. Much of the input came from...Date:06/11/94
Size:110 KB
Author:Adrian H. Hayes

Barney, Energiser Bunny, Pac DOOM
This is a bug correction to the GOD mode sprite is now fixed. You can cheat again!...Date:01/30/95
Size:337 KB
Author:Olivier Montanuy

Barney II: Barney On Earth
Barney was drawn using xpaint. He was not rendered using any ray tracing tools, also the author was working off a front only shot of the dino's mug, so he looks a little odd from the sides. He also looks slightly cartoonish....Date:07/06/94
Size:139 KB
Author:Alden Bates

This barney patch was designed by Alden Bates ( The original ray traced patch was by: David Lobser (But don't complain to him) Barney was drawn using xpaint. He was not rendered using any ray tracing tools, also t...Date:01/16/96
Size:197 KB
Author:Alden Bates

Barney DOOM!
At last! the TRUE EVIL genius behind DOOM is revealed to be... Barney! and his Sponge Minions!...Date:05/11/94
Size:146 KB
Author:Bill Neisius
Size:950 KB

Barney and Clinton Doom v1.0
This version replaces the barons with the lovable dinosaur - Barney! and replaces the floating orange heads with the head of our fearless leader President Bill Clinton! There is over a 100 sound and graphic files that you will turn your ...Date:07/13/94
Size:411 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Barney 3D
Barney the Purple dinosaur (B'Harnee) replaces the Barons of Hell...Date:08/05/94
Size:171 KB
Author:Randy Chan

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