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You must solve three famous mazes to escape. For more information about each maze, read on....Date:06/02/94
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Author:Larry H.
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An old game with a new twist: Pick up the rockets and shoot them at each other! There are 4 invulnerable packs in the corners, and 2 exits on each side, which lead to the other side of the maze. There is 1 rocket launcher. This is a three-level PWAD....Date:07/07/96
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Author:of all of the kick-ass editors used to create this level (see Editors used above).

Me, for c

Ultra-violence is for wimps! NIGHTMARE is where REAL DOOMIES play! REAL DOOMIES don't need guns. We use OUR FISTS! Experience the first and only wad designed for play on NIGHTMARE! A familiar board is the scene for this fast action adventure. Put you...Date:05/29/96
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Author:Christopher Evans (The Ace of Spades)

Ever wanted to BE pacman instead of fighting him (Don't answer that) Well, now you can! In pacwar, YOU are pacman! You fire weapons with your tongue! Sounds, graphics, and sprites have been replaced so, in deathmatch, you can have your pac and kill h...Date:12/07/95
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Pacman DooM
Doomguy is stuck in the wrong dimension, it's Pacman's world! Look at the bottom of this file for playtips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Date:08/11/03
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Pacman Doom 2
You are Doomguy but you somehow got transported into Pacman's world! ---Read bottom of this file!---...Date:03/24/04
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