H2H-Xmas.wad  Filename:h2h-xmas.zip
32-level pwad for Doom2 (Doom 2, required)...Date:02/27/96
Size:1897 KB
Author:(See Credits)

Twisted Joke  Filename:ph_dac.zip
I signed up for the DAC. It died. My map didn't :P Basically I've gone for a silly sort of christmas theme and went for a few new twists. If you can stand ugly mapping, the innovation of the ski slope should be fun :P You have to play through the sta...Date:12/21/06
Size:408 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

xmas-mus.zip  Filename:xmas-mus.zip
Size:159 KB

Christmas Doom  Filename:xmas-mus2.zip
Well, Christmas is coming up so I thought what the hell, I'll make a Christmas music .WAD. :) I found a zip with a bunch of Christmas MIDs so I changed the instruments (mostly to distorted guitar and rock organs :) hehe) It can be quite funny fightin...Date:11/10/94
Size:55 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

xmas.zip  Filename:xmas.zip
Size:1408 KB

XMas-themed .wad compilation  Filename:xmasadon.zip
Christmas are very soon, but you still aren't in a Christmas mood? Well, try playing Doom with this! This probably won't help, but will still be pretty fun. Basically, I've taken resources from various Christmas-themed .wads, and put them all in on...Date:12/31/13
Size:3494 KB

XmasDoom  Filename:xmasdm2.zip
see contents at bottom...Date:01/06/99
Size:2012 KB
Author:Levels: Original levels 01,02, and sections of 03 by Justin Madigan All BOOM optimization and other

xmasdoom.zip  Filename:xmasdoom.zip
Size:430 KB

A Heretic X-Mas  Filename:xmashtic.zip
Uh-oh! The Serpent Riders' Army has taken over the North Pole! Better stop 'em! Otherwise we webmasters might not get our copies of Quake 2 this year!...Date:12/19/97
Size:473 KB
Author:Blaine, Archmage of The HexenC Arcanum

xmassrc.zip  Filename:xmassrc.zip
Size:210 KB

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