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This is v1.3 of a little program I wrote for DOOM 1.2 It will take your doom wad and change a few things. Make sure you have a backup copy of your DOOM.WAD. Put DOOMSWAP in the same directory as your DOOM.WAD and run DOOMSWAP. Doomswap will al...Date:07/11/94
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Author:Jerry H.

JUMBLE v3.0 - Supplemental JBLs
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RanDOOM version 1.65
RanDOOM is a utility which will randomize the placement of objects in the DOOM playfield. Additionally, RanDOOM has some smarts about the manner in which it will randomize things - it's designed to never leave you with a pillar blocking the ex...Date:05/18/94
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Author:M. D.
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Random World Generator
creates new maps for DOOM from id software...Date:02/08/95
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Author:Dusty Bedford
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Author:JJ Ukil, 7-12-98

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