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This is some code I wrote for Freedoom to generate a free "GENMIDI" lump for Doom. The source data is based on the register values from the OpenBSD OPL driver. The result isn't too great; the original GENMIDI is definitely miles better, but it's some...Date:02/24/08
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Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)

The DMAuD Sound Extractor v1.2
Here is a nifty utility that I whipped up to extract all of the sounds in a PWAD file after spending half an hour doing it one sound at a time using DMAuD. All it does is call DMAuD and send it parameters along with the file name you supply....Date:09/02/94
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Author:Bucky La Dieu
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Author:won't mind :)
DMMUSIC will store music into or extract music from DOOM WAD and PWAD files. To list the names of available music entries, use the '-L' option. Patch WAD files (PWAD) can be edited the same as WAD files by using the '-f pwad' option on the command ...Date:05/12/94
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These batch files are little utilities I threw together to make life a little easier on me. I have 2-3 versions of Doom running, and when I install a new version, and it has the bare bone sounds in there, that bugs the hell out of me. So I threw to...Date:12/16/94
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