Title: Brother in Arms
Filename: combos/bia.zip
Size: 28248 KB
Date: 04/03/12
Author: Arrowood
E-mail: punio_puni@yahoo.co.jp
Description: You can call a friendly solders with a radio. It's war time!

**New Friends -United States Marine Corps -Special Weapons And Tactics -Nazi Schutzstaffel -Russian Spetsnaz -Japan Self Defense Forces -United States Colonial Marine Corps -Tank -Helicopter -Aliens -Predators etc...

**New Weapons & Equipments -M67 flag grenade -T82 flame grenade -ES22 stun grenade -P625E radium grenade -RPG-7 -NGT stealth device -First aid kit -Plasma battery etc...
Base: New from scratch with some resources: from Legacy Of Suffering(sprites) from Action Doom(Sprites) from NeoDoom(Sprites/Voices) from Brutal Doom(Sprites/Voices) from Sg TroGun(Sprites) from D-RadysClass(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Aliens: Colonial Marines TC(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Zero Tolerance(Sprites/Sounds) from RGA2(Sprites/Sounds/Voices) from Operation Overlord(Sprites) from Alando Guns Reloaded(Sprites) from Friendly Cooperative(Sprites) from Counter-Doom: EDGE(Sprites/Sounds) from Soldier's Stockpile(Sprites/Sounds) from Hellcore 2.0(Title Picture Location) from Realm667.com(New Monsters)
Build time: 3 month
Editor(s) used: SLumpEd
Rating: (13 votes)
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