Title: Blood of Bin Laden Monsters
Filename: combos/boblmons.zip
Size: 19814 KB
Date: 09/15/13
Author: Infidel
E-mail: w8ASKES9lgQjlJKO@fuck.trillianpro.com
Description: The time is the future. The al-Qaeda/Taliban conflict remains to this day. Terrorist organizations managed to break into UAC facilities! They are looking for some warp gate technologies. They might use or make warp gates for their nefarious purposes. Right now, they are making halal space food for the war over outer space.
Credits: n/a
Base: Modified
Build time: n/a
Editor(s) used: n/a
Bugs: Not that I know of, but areas w/ lots of activities will spam + lag audio/visual.
Rating: (11 votes)
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You did take the time to make this, which is a nice feat. The difference between taking time to make something and taking time to make something good is that you're making something good. This reeks of ass. 1/5x
funny wad and very difficult good job but its kinda unfair at parts (i think the land mine guys take my guns away and i didnt have a pistol)x
I thought this wad was pretty funny while not spectacular the sounds was funny and the sprites looked good! It needs custom weapons.x

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