Title: Cory's Clay Pidgeon Target Practice
Filename: combos/cw-targt.zip
Size: 9 KB
Date: 09/08/00
E-mail: cwhittle@isn.net
Description: So, you think you are a whizz with Doom's weaponry? Think again, hot-shot! Take my clay pidgeon target practice, and get to work on random, fast moving targets! For EDGE, I've given all the standard Doom weapons an alternate-attack which throws a clay target - see if you can hit it before it touches the ground. It's that simple. A high pitched "Bing!" will signify a hit, while a low pitched "bzzt!" will mean you suck real bad )

The only weapon I didn't add a target launcher to is the BFG9000, and even the RL and PG are useless here. Bullet weapons are the easiest to use.

Please refer to the hints n' tips section below.
Base: Thinking how much my aim sucks..
Build time: 15 minutes, tops
Editor(s) used: Notepad, Wintex, PSP
Bugs: Difficult, until you figure out the rythm.
Rating: (5 votes)
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There is no way to launch the stupid targets!x
Try using alt-fire, dumbass.x
Yeah... o.o Don't forget to specify a key/button for alt-fire. --Crazee Boyx
Auto-aim destroys this mod.x

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