Title: Grab yer Thompson, Capone! Time to grease some no-good-dirty-rat-bastards!
Filename: combos/dt-tommy.zip
Size: 21 KB
Date: 06/15/99
E-mail: gwhittl@ibm.net
Description: Replaces chaingun with '30's style Thompson machine-gun. Also known as a 'Tommy Gun'. Great fun!
Credits: Monolith Software (their sprites, I modified them) Kenneth Finegan (again, got the graphics from him) id Software Greg Lewis Olivier Montanuy Makers of Paint Shop Pro The maker of ARTVIEW3 Gt Interactive People who took the time to e-mail me
Base: Monolith Software's great art
Build time: 4 seconds
Editor(s) used: a few of them
Bugs: The pallette didn't convert perfectly, but the only downside to this is that the muzzle flash looks a little crappy. No biggie.
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nicely dun and fun to use x
its like monolith blood and the shadow (yknow that movie & comics) 5/5 - Xolzox
One of the best WADs in history! -Fancy Qx

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