Filename: combos/nbcdoom2.zip
Size: 577 KB
Date: 06/16/95
Author: Hyrda FX, m0pheus & Shadow Nemesis
E-mail: NBC@fucking.stupid.com
Description: This is graphic's conversion for Doom II. Just play the game, read the walls and listen to the SFX. We had hell drawing new textures to get some good effects, so we just used the shitty ones NBC provides everyday. ;> Hope, you enjoy it Earth 2 fans.
Credits: My cat and love for MCA's Earth 2.
Base: New graphics and sounds from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks, 4 hours, 15 seconds and a donut
Editor(s) used: NWT107 (what a tool !), Deu2 (dito), Picture Publisher 5.0 (thanks!) and SB Pro.
Bugs: Some textures are not properly aligned, some flickering effects in some of the "falls" blood falls and sewer falls.
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This is fascinating. The authors were clearly fans of Earth 2, the short-lived sci-fi television series from 1994. You might not remember it. Along with Dark Skies, VR.5, Space: Above and Beyond, and American Gothic it was one of those post-X Files flop shows that lasted for a single season. This wad replaces a lot of the wall textures with "NBC sucks for cancelling Earth 2"-type graffiti, but it's so crude and relentless that it's disturbing. They can't spell "motto".x
Lawl, hooray for freespeech. 2/5x
Someone seemed to have been pissed off at NBC.x
Stickin' it to the man, stickin' it to NBC.x
I love this. - DoomGeek101x

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