Title: Fix for OTTAWAU.WAD (from ottawa09.zip)
Filename: combos/ou-fix.zip
Size: 172 KB
Date: 11/26/09
Author: Never_Again
E-mail: tpoppins@juno.com
Description: Jean-Serge Gagnon's OTTAWAU.WAD requires the registered DOOM v1.9 and won't install with Ultimate DOOM, leaving the sprites and flats graphics inaccessible, as they are contained within proprietary-format .PCH files. It uses proprietary DOS utilities to add them to DOOM.WAD and patch DOOM.EXE to change level names and some of DOOM's startup text. This fix places these extra graphics into a separate WAD (ou-gfx.wad) and the text strings into a DeHackEd patch (ottawau.deh), making it easy to run with any source port that supports loading sprites from a PWAD and loading DEH patches from the command line. This fix fully complies with the Copyright/ Permissions section of OTTAWAU09.TXT: - it does NOT use OTTAWAU.WAD as a base to build additional levels - it does NOT distribute OTTAWAU.WAD, with or with no modifications
Credits: Jean-Serge Gagnon
Base: gfx from OTTAWAU install, DEH from scratch
Build time: half an hour
Editor(s) used: XWE and NWT
Bugs: none
Rating: (11 votes)
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This deserves 5 stars for the effort, and for the boldness to go that extra mile against bitter skepticism. -Maes 5/5x
Sorry, this is terrible and it deserves 0 stars indeed!x
^ And you, Sir, are a moron. What is terrible? The original WAD or the fix? Works for me. 5/5x
Ignore the TXT on this page, the updated readme for v1.2 is in the ZIP. - N_Ax

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