Title: SWAD Pack 2: Custom CounterStrike Weapons
Filename: combos/swad2.zip
Size: 971 KB
Date: 08/31/03
Author: BlackFish
E-mail: max@tradingsystems.net
Description: Part of the SWAD Weapons Group.
Credits: The person who made the original models I guess. And everybody (espicially Quasar) for their feedback and help. I am also borrowing Cory Whittle's HUD and a few sprites.
Base: Off of some weapon models I guess.
Build time: Days!
Editor(s) used: Half-Life Model Viewer, Photoshop7, Wintex
Bugs: No gun flare. This is done on purpose.
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Dude. You should make more of these. This is good shit.x
Yeah, this is the best doom weapons mod I think I've ever tried. If this is any indication BlackFish's upcoming SWAD3 and Monster modifications should definately be something to look out for, sort of like godzilla or acid rain.x
ah shit it doesnt work, but i bet its cool.x
this kicks ass :Dx
no man, this kicks your head in dipshit.x

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