Title: Fxdms-3
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/fxdms3.zip
Size: 3804 KB
Date: 08/23/07
Author: Siliconwolf (Aka. Mophonix) + 3Dfx
E-mail: Siliconwolf@hotmail.co.uk...
Description: This is a 12 DM map and 6 Duel map wad for ST. Its the 3rd installment of the Fxdms series. This latest one features new, crazier and higher detailed maps, New weapon recolours, sounds and midi music and GFX's. This is one of the most packed and craziest Fxdms wads ever! You ready for Action! :D
Credits: Alien Vendetta for the Font. People who created the Midi tunage thats in this wad and the testers and stuff.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About 4 months ATM.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)
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Very nice. Best one in the series and better than FXDMS-4 imo. 5/5x
Best new-school dm wad out there. On par with udm3 me thinks. Great job 5/5x
Sexy. 5x

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