Title: doom2gif.zip
Filename: graphics/doom2gif.zip
Size: 1982 KB
Date: 06/25/94
Author: id Software
Description: Doom II screen shots in .gif format, and at double the .pcx files size.
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Interesting...pre-re lease Doom 2 screenshots. The Mancubus sprites don't appear to be finished, and the Pain Elemental shoots Cacodemon fireballs. The Arachnotron also looks a little different.x
This is a set of screenshots dated June 1994, about three months before the release of Doom II. Some of the images appeared in an early preview by Ross Erickson for Game Bytes Magazine. As the previous reviewer points out, the Pain Elementals seem to duplicate the Cacodemons, which seems a bit redundant; one of the shots shows them infighting a Baron of Hell, which would never happen in the finished game. The Arachnotron has a chain gun.x
Very cool. x
Interesting! arachnotrons fire bullets, painelementals are to cacodemons like hellknights are to barons, mancubi shoot baron balls, and level design is different!x

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