Title: LUM-DOOM, version 1.0
Filename: graphics/lumdoom.zip
Size: 129 KB
Date: 03/22/95
Author: Drew
E-mail: artdlvs@gate.net
Description: This patch changes the Plasma cannon and the BFG 6000 into the hands of LUM, the main character of the Japanese manga/anime Urusei Yatsura, and changes the BGG firing sound into one of Lum-chan's more famous quotes. It also replaces the facial graphics of the marine.
Credits: Bill Neisius (boy, you sure see his name alot!) for DMGRAPH and DMAUD, which made this whole fiasco a possibility.

And, special thanks to the man known only as "Wayne", who originally created the Lum facials which appear in this patch. Great work, Wayne!
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