Title: No Hands!
Filename: graphics/nohands.zip
Size: 67 KB
Date: 01/24/10
Author: Kilkakon
E-mail: kilkakon@gmail.com
Description: A simple graphic change that removes the marine's hands from the Doom 2 and SkullTag weapons. Designed for those who play non-human skins or those desiring a change of pace. I'll admit that it's a little strange at first when playing, but I got used to it pretty quickly.
Credits: Doom and SkullTag for the bases for these graphics.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A day or so
Editor(s) used: Paint, XWE, Wintex, PhotoImpact 6
Bugs: None really
Rating: (13 votes)
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this is an example of how a simple GFX wad can give a player a different experience without resulting in a fullfleged TC. Good Job! 4/5! -Mr.Coffeex
SILLY. 3/5x
The pistol looks absolutely stupid. A different experience lol? LOL Awful. 0/5.x
The pistol looks like someone slapped a piece of shit on the grip. The knife looks really cheesy. Everything else looked alright. 2/5x
FRICKIN' AWESOMELY STUPID. I didn't know what to give it. 3/5x
It looks like I'm using the weapons with my crotch. I guess the only thing it's good for is a base to put your own created hands on.x
I used this to make my Richard character! -Fancy Qx

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