Title: The Panels of Peril
Filename: graphics/panperil.zip
Size: 1350 KB
Date: 04/17/06
Author: Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)
E-mail: martinhowe@myprivacy.ca
Description: This is yet more stuff that arose during the design of The Butchery but was mostly not used for it. It is a set of BMP files containing 32x64 or 64x64 panels that cross-product various DOOM texture designs across other backgrounds in DOOM than the ones they were designed for.

For example, the pipework in TEKGREN4 and METAL4 doesn't have a COMP variant, so I made one. I then split it into top and bottom sections so that several variations were possible, in particular I could have created 128 or 256-wide textures or wall patches in various combinations.

The total number of combinations is HUGE, so I decided to release these only as individual parts and let people make their own as needed from them.
Credits: The Usual (iD)
Base: Various iD texures and patches
Build time: Thirty days or thereabouts
Editor(s) used: WinTex, XWE, PhotoStudio, ThumbsPlus Pro.
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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Damn, It'd be easier to see them all in a Single WAD File And maybe a lot Quicker to veiw them Too 3/5 - Sausage -x
Awesome! I'm amazed that this hasn't gotten more use. -esselfortiumx
Well many of them are just periwinkle blue squares, which is too bad, but the rest are quite handy and very much worth the download.x
great 5/5x

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