Title: Status bar replacements
Filename: graphics/stbars.zip
Size: 105 KB
Date: 09/28/06
Author: Daniel
E-mail: dal.eletro@bol.com.br
Description: These are some wad files which replaces the Status bar with various themes. Just feel free to insert a desired graphic theme into your map wad. The themes for each wad are:

Stbar01.wad - Hellish "lite" Stbar02.wad - Tekwall Stbar03.wad - Marble Stbar04.wad - Hellish rock Stbar05.wad - Stone2 Stbar06.wad - Panbook Stbar07.wad - Brown ashwall Stbar08.wad - Browngrn Stbar09.wad - Hellish "hard" Stbar10.wad - Hellish Evil Stbar11.wad - Egyptian Stbar12.wad - Road Stbar13.wad - Gothic bricks Stbar14.wad - Computer cables Stbar15.wad - Grass Stbar16.wad - Sand Stbar17.wad - Castle.wad for EDGE bricks
Credits: id software, my cousin Lucinho, my friends Logan MTM, DU0, Marine Pyro and Jive. The graphic masters of the community which from where the textures came from.
Base: Graphic wads
Build time: 1 day
Editor(s) used: Paint, Corel Draw 6, WinTex and XWE
Bugs: Small status bar numbers cleaned (you may think this is a bug, but it is fully intentional)
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Sounds good, gonna give it a go now. If we use these shall we credit you in the README.txt of our wads?x
These are awesome, thanks alot. Im going to use one in my wad. -Th0r 4/5x
Nice, i especially liked the Stbar02 hud.x
Very usefulx

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