Title: UAC Ultra Textures (v1.1)
Filename: graphics/ultratex.zip
Size: 459 KB
Date: 03/28/10
Author: 40oz
E-mail: papercut1425@yahoo.com
Description: The texture set to go with my Doom 2 episode entitled UAC Ultra (uacultra.wad)

v1.1 works with Eternity. Thanks esselfortium!
Credits: GRSites, SlayeR, Super Jamie
Base: New from scratch and some Modified
Build time: A few months
Editor(s) used: MS Paint, Paint.NET, GIMP, Irfanview
Rating: (10 votes)
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A nice set overall. There's some subpar palettization that could have been avoided, and some textures with too-obvious repeating elements or bevels that look MSPainty, but overall it's a quite nice set of textures that set a unique, dark theme.x
Lots of nice re-coloured black textures.x
I love these dark textures, I'm building an map with these. They seem to go well with Quake(2)textures - DDx
Too dark, too techy, too non-Doom`ish. 3*x
Seems pretty easy to get a rise out of the politically-correct Doomworld crowd. Just post an anonymous comment defending an insensitive but ultimately harmless joke, and they'll respond by dissecting every syllable and discussing it to death on their little Facebook page. What ARE you guys gonna do when mom takes away your internet privileges???x

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