Title: DOOM for Windows --> WinDOOM Build 001
Filename: historic/wdoom.zip
Size: 317 KB
Date: 02/03/06
Author: id Software, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation
E-mail: funduke@hotmail.com
Description: It is an old Beta version of Microsofts DooM version. It works with the IWADs of DooM 1.2, 1.666, 1.9 and also Ultimate DooM. But you can't access the levels of the fourth episode in Ultimate doom. It does not work with the shareware version of DooM, not with DooM2, and also not with the Final DooM IWADS. I have verified, that the -file and the -warp parameter work. Maybe there are also others. The 'Display' -menue of the running WINDOOM.EXE makes you able to display a cool window with benchmark infos.
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Appears to be a very early build of what eventually became Doom95. Mostly interesting for collectors.x
Early (probably the first two) builds of the official port of Doom to Windows. This has functional levels, but nothing else. The game can render at 640x400, which would've been a huge deal at the time. Sprites with partial invisibility are rendered hilariously wrong.x

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