Title: GUS-TLR
Filename: music/gus-tlr.zip
Size: 5 KB
Date: 05/21/95
Author: of IIE, DEATHEB and GUS1M-II
E-mail: Sebastien Bacquet
Description: If you own a GUS with 1Mo on board and if you like playing TLR, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU !
This ZIP contains 2 WADS :
* GUSTLR1.WAD if you play TLR for DOOM (1)
* GUSTLR2.WAD if you play TLR for DOOM ][
These WADS contain the entries DMXGUS for DOOM, DMXGUSC for DOOM ][, which are the mappings of MIDI instruments for musics.
David Sears, the author of TLR's musics, has used a lot of instruments that DOOM and DOOM ][ don't use. So it was essential to make a new mapping for TLR, to appreciate to the full these very good musics.
Listen to the difference !
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