Title: Iron Maiden tunes for Awe64 (Doom95)
Filename: music/im64.zip
Size: 270 KB
Date: 03/16/98
Author: Topi Ylinen
E-mail: f1toyl@uta.fi
Description: I decided to spice up doom by making a Maiden tune collection to use as doom background music. Nobody knows when Melt is out, but with this and doom you should have something of a substitute. (I actually made this wad a couple of weeks ago trying to make Awe64 work with doom95, but thought it might be nice to share it with others now that Virtual XI is being released soon...)
Credits: The authors of the original midi files.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Midi2mus, deutex, powertracks pro, cakewalk apprentice
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Why claim the compositions as your own when the actual tunes belong to Iron Maiden?x
Doom and Iron Maiden go best. 5/5 printzx

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