Title: Blood of Bin Laden Skins
Filename: skins/boblskin.zip
Size: 7660 KB
Date: 09/16/13
Author: Infidel
E-mail: w8ASKES9lgQjlJKO@fuck.trillianpro.com
Description: Skins of most monsters from Blood of Bin Laden Monsters project. Skins include most monsters from al-Qaeda, Taliban, and counter terrorism forces. You can be either a U.S. marine, a security guard, a Mujahid w/ various attires, and even the one and only Osama bin Laden!!! Troll it up, troll it down, troll with the sound. Now go have fun and fuck around, you bitch.
Credits: n/a
Base: Modified
Build time: n/a
Editor(s) used: n/a
Bugs: Not that I know of.
Rating: (4 votes)
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this a raciest skin packx
Quite some usefull stuff for things like Regular Day or something like that.x

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