Title: dm_cool.zip
Filename: sounds/dm_cool.zip
Size: 745 KB
Date: 06/28/94
Author: Aaron Criger
E-mail: blade@freenet.grfn.org
Description: The sound patch changes nearly every sound in the game, requires the registered version of doom to be used fully, and is, as the name states, really cool. Check this one out, some sounds are funny, others make no sense, and some are quite simply better than the original (check out the shotgun for an example of this).

Trust me - It's worth getting, and is completely safe.
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As the "dm" prefix should have warned you, this is something straight out of 1994. A crappy audio pack from 1994, to be precise. It has the usual camp and kitsch samples from Terminator, Homer Simpson etc., what sets it apart as pure gorilla anus material is that it doesn't come as PWAD: it's just a bunch of VOC files and you have to use DMAUD to patch your own IWADs with that crap. Utter fail. -Maesx
"Trust me - It's worth getting, and is completely safe." BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA AAAx

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