Title: Doom 4 Windows 1.11 (source and binary)
Filename: source/windoom/wds2001.zip
Size: 1113 KB
Date: 07/11/04
Author: Dean Wiley
E-mail: thedragon@intrstar.net
Description: This program is an 'enhancement' to the Doom engine released by id in December of 1997. The major purpose for this version of the Doom engine is to add score keeping to the game. I wanted this because it gives me just one more reason to play Doom, Doom ][, and alot of user wad files over and over again. Trying to beat your own or others scores adds another level of competition to the play of the game.

The console, CD music routines, and original port to DirectX that this program is built upon are part of WinDoom by Bruce Lewis. He only went so far with WinDoom because he was using it as a stepping stone to his glDoom project. Please visit his website: http://frag.com/doom/.
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