Title: barney20.zip
Filename: themes/barney/barney20.zip
Size: 110 KB
Date: 06/11/94
E-mail: ahayes@pacifier.rain.com
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Early graphics wad; uses Dmgraph, so you probably can#t be arsed to use it, and quite rightly. Unlike myface it replaces all the rotational frames. Uses what is either a 3D render of Barney or a blow-up plastic Barney doll. Doesn't look much like Barney, though. Replaces the Baron of Hell.x
hey interesting mod I haven't installed it yet, but could you possibly take the persons face on the bottom of the screen that represents and make it as barney. make to where you can see Barney's hands on the guns too. Barney is right handed so he hold the gun and punches with his right hand. I'm some what of a barney fan. I don't shoot at barney but play as barney thanksx

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