Title: New installation for Simpsons 2 for Doom2/Doom1
Filename: themes/simpsons/simpsn2i.zip
Size: 2708 KB
Date: 02/14/95
Author: Chuck Fuoco, Steve Blauwkamp
E-mail: cfuoco@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Description: type "install" and the sprites will be appended to simp2spr.wad as well as the creation of a runnable simpsons.bat file for either Doom2 or Doom1 depending on which you have in the current directory. This installation uses new features of deutex and a bug fixed version of deusf to save about 1.5MB on the zip file and 2MB on the wad files.
Credits: Thanks for Oliver (creator of deutex/deusf) for his assistance. (actually he did most of the new install himself)
Build time:
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install x
Hilariously legendary old mod.x
i was obsessed with this in the 90's!!! my child hood! this even came free with a magazine CD!! - CoolD00dx

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