Best Multiplayer Level

32 in 24 - 7 - YEDS

For the second straight year in a row, a 32 in 24 is crowned the best multiplayer experience. For 2008, the 32 in 24 team decided to tackle capture the flag as the method of gameplay, and, just like last year, this project is well polished and exudes professionalism.

While it is no secret I am a fan of visually stunning wads, I think every Doomer can agree that the 32 in 24 series is known for solid gameplay and visual fidelity. The last few installments have seen the project broken into two phases; the first half is 32 levels done in 24 hours. After the layouts are complete, the maps are detailed and refined to be pleasing to the eyes. I had a chance to play a capture the flag match in 32 in 24 and it really is a treat; the maps play really well, particularly considering they were all made in 24 hours.

Oddly enough, there were few noteworthy multiplayer mods this year. The only other multiplayer level in contention was 32 in 24 - 6; that should also speak to the drive of the team behind the projects. Next year looks to, also, be very promising, with Ghouls v Humans and UDMX on the horizon. Unfortunately, nobody will stop playing Dwango5.

-Scuba Steve

Worst Wad

UAC Military Nightmare - Terry

Worst WadThis wad is the product of a diseased brain.

The story begins a few years ago, when Terry was conceived with a weak sperm. Emerging from his mother's womb like a wet fart, Terry immediately set about creating what is possibly the worst wad file the world has ever known.

The UAC Military Nightmare. Oh dear God, what went wrong?

Taking a page from Half-Life's book (and immediately wiping his ass with it), Terry's UACMN begins with a cinematic cutscene, starring the many severed heads of John Romero. Having grown bored of making computer games, the Severed Heads of John Romero have instead taken up a new career in assrape. They chase the player through 18 levels whilst firing "Rape Rays" of rapid-fire BFG shot from their penises (which might explain why Romero is so popular with pre-pube Romanians). At some point, Carn & Giant Transsexual Ralphis join in the fun.

The level design is pure unadulterated tripe, the graphics are beyond dismal, the sound effects are fucking awful, the scripting only works 50% of the time, and when it does work, it is 100% obsessed with my ass and the act of sticking things into my ass. This is not a lie. I doubt there is a single piece of scripting that does not involve the author threatening to violate my sad and saggy rectum.

Actually, fuck giving the Worst Wad Award to this anally-fixated cretin. It will only encourage the little bastard and I'll have to go through this whole piss-poor charade again next year.

Instead, I will dedicate this Cacoward to the object that inspired this masterpiece of complete steaming shit.

I am giving the Worst Wad Award to My Own Asshole.

Fuck you Terry.


Mordeth Award - Released project with the longest "development time"

Deus Vult II - Huy "Doom Marine" Pham

Mordeth Award The Mordeth award is, generally, cut and dry; I look when a project was started, see when it was released, and name the one that took the longest as the winner. This year required me to refine what "Mordeth" means as an award. Does longest development time from start to finish count, or is there something else?

Despite the conflict of interest, I would have normally handed Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2 the Mordeth award and written about how long it took to create the project. Action Doom 2 took over 4 years to make, edging out Deus Vult II for a longer development cycle... however, nobody knew that. As far as the community was concerned, Action Doom 2 was announced and released the same day. I believe there is something more to the Mordeth Award, something Action Doom 2 missed.

Invariably (just ask Lüt), when you work on a project for a long time, people will continuously ask "when will it be done"... and I think that is the most important aspect of this award. The author should be told, by community members, at least several times to "Get back to work on Project X" or "Finish Project Z".  Deus Vult II took the longest amount of time to develop in public. I am sure Huy was constantly bombarded with "Is it done" "Finish DVII" "Get back to work"... and that, my friends, makes a Mordeth.

Hay Mordeth, honeymoon's over, finish Mordeth Episode 2.

-Scuba Steve

Mockaward - Best comedy wad of the year

Community is Falling 3 - Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Let me start by saying, I love you Kaiser... in fact, we all love you. So much, in fact, that we waited 3 years for your magnum opus, Community is Falling 3, the funniest wad this year.

Obviously, CIF3 is one of the most ambitious project ever conceived by an author. Kaiser single handedly wrote an inventory system (before ZDoom added one), created a new AI system for the monsters, discovered a wrapping technique for text, and mapped and scripted dozens of new levels. Playing through CIF3 is a real task, and some levels are absolutely daunting (I am looking at you jetpack level)... but Kaiser still manages to do a hilarious job poking fun at the Doom community.

Centered around the Knee Deep in ZDoom controversy that arose over 2 years ago, you take on the role of an unnamed forum member and master hacker who is tasked with uncovering the mysterious leak. CIF3 is packed full of community in-jokes and cute jabs at the gaming industry (of particular humor, the Doom 3 forums of Doomworld). Community is Falling 3 is an impressive endeavor, but it is hobbled by steep system requirements (the inventory system can slow the game down) and incredibly tough gameplay. If you can get past the difficulty, you will be rewarded with a clever and humorous project. Now, go grab a frying pan and beat some noobs.

-Scuba Steve

Mapper of the Year

Björn "Vader" Ostmann

Last year was a little contentious when it came to Mapper of the Year (not really). Late during the writing, deathz0r convinced me that Eternal was an excellent choice for best mapper... and I took his word for it. After Eternal's numerous excellent releases this year, I think it was a good call. Generally, I try to nominate an author who I think deserves recognition for their work over many years, as well as their involvement with the community. I doubt many will disagree with Vader as this year's "Mapper of the Year".

Earlier this year, ZPack was released; a community collection of wads for ZDoom, ZPack was a decidedly mixed bag. Many maps were of mediocre or sub-par quality; however, everyone echoed the same sentiment, "You MUST play it to see Vader's maps." Bjorn managed to get an entire community to download a mediocre mapset just to see his additions. Fortunately, Thunderpeak, and a future Blackrock release, were released individually, but it really speaks to his talent.

Doom has seen its share of prolific mappers, each bringing something new to the aesthetics of new mods. I honestly believe Vader has created a new standard that new mappers are attempting to emulate. He made ZPack playable, salvaged numerous maps in Knee Deep in ZDoom, and set the standard for the sequel. His maps are brilliantly detailed with just the perfect mix of texturing, scale and architecture. ZDoom is known for having a rather hacked portal system, yet Vader is able to seamlessly integrate portals, slopes and scripting to build some of the best maps in the community. Additionally, Vader is an accomplished artist, and the new textures and monsters in his projects even humble me.

Bjorn "Vader" Ostmann is a fantastic mapper, worthy to be the year's best. I hope he does not vanish and continues to produce maps for Doom for years to come.

-Scuba Steve

2008 Cacowards

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  • Deus Vult II
  • Gravity
  • Urban Brawl: Action Doom 2

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  • Eternal Doom IV
  • Thunderpeak
  • Back to Basics

Page 3

  • BGPA Missions: Liberation
  • Chex Quest 3
  • Escape from Castle Chezcrea
  • Cold as Hell

Other Awards

  • Best Multiplayer
  • Worst Wad
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mockaward
  • Mapper of the Year


Did You Know...

July 3rd marked the 4 year anniversary of Action Doom. The only reason I kept writing this was to keep Action Doom in people's minds when I released the sequel.

Did You Know...

Mordeth and Millennium were still not released in 2008 despite ten years of development?


On March 13th, Doomworld officially turned 10 years old. Most of us are now over a quarter century old, having posted here for over a decade. What the hell is wrong with us?

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